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Standing Strong for our Families 

I am fighting for our fair share of state funds for education and transportation; I am also protecting teachers' salaries and retirement plans.  I refuse to support cuts in programs for children with special needs and in core community services.

increase in public education funds and a 5% raise for teachers and instructors during the 2019 reconvened legislative session.  Moreover, these significant achievements for public education were agreed to in a Republican-controlled General Assembly.  Imagine what we could do with a Democratic majority in 2020 and beyond!

Educators endorse my re-election! 

I am excited and honored that our teachers have endorsed my re-election in recognition of my push for state investment in pre-K-12 education.  The FEA and VEA join me in striving to offer our children the excellent education they deserve.

Equitable education access for students of diverse backgrounds. 

One important issue facing our public schools that is not discussed often enough is Virginia’s outdated funding formula identifying ratios for full-time instructional positions to students with limited English proficiency — also called ESL (English as Second Language) students and ELLs (English Language Learners).  Our ESL students deserve the same quality education as their peers.  That’s why we need to update the current ratio so our ESL students are able to spend more time with specialized instructors to have greater opportunities to catch up.  I patroned HB362 and HB694 in previous legislative sessions at the General Assembly.  I unfortunately received no support from the GOP-controlled House of Delegates and both bills were tabled on party-line votes in Subcommittee.  I look forward to having a Democratic majority in 2020 so we can finally address this issue.

Virginia's public schools: the foundation of our Commonwealth's future. 

Anyone who knows me knows my longstanding career spanning over 20 years supporting Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).  I have stood with partner organizations like the Fairfax Education Association (FEA) and Virginia Education Association (VEA) to help lead the charge in our push for investment in pre-K-12 education.  Investing in public education in our Commonwealth shows our students that we are working hard to support their learning and growth, as they are the foundation all of our futures.  That's why I am pleased to announce that after working hard and advocating for public education in Richmond at the General Assembly, we were able to pass a $378 million


Human rights for all Virginians. 

I am unquestionably an ally for all LGBTQIA+ Virginians.  I have supported Equality Virginia's efforts to end discrimination, protect families, and build safe communities my entire career as a Delegate for the 38th District.  Many Virginians already know: our state lacks workplace, housing, and accommodation protections for our LGBTQIA+ family members.  As a Commonwealth, we need to work together to pass non-discrimination policies — including my many efforts to end workplace discrimination by codifying protections for sexual orientation and gender identity specifically (HB179, HB2057HB10 and HB2579).

"Kaye Kory is a fearless ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Since Kaye's first term as a Delegate she has advocated for the repeal of the same sex marriage ban, to establish codified hate crime protections, and to increase protection against discrimination in all forms.  We need to re-elect Kaye!"


Senator Adam Ebbin

Democrat, SD30

Gun violence prevention. 

I have worked to end gun violence in Virginia and filed legislation in pursuit of gun safety since I took office in 2010.  From HB1693 prohibiting guns on all school property and HB2337 mandating school emergency crisis plans, to HB819 banning bump stocks and organizing the Preventing Gun Violence in Schools: Students Speak Out panel in 2018, I have been highlighting the proliferation of gun violence in our Commonwealth and nation both to work to achieve legislative solutions.  My sharpest focus has been keeping our children and schools safe.  

I am honored to have been awarded the 2019 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. 

Thank you to Moms Demand Action for recognizing my efforts to stand up against gun violence and in

making a commitment to govern with gun safety in mind upon my re-election.  Lori Haas, Virginia State

Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, agrees:  "We need Delegate Kaye Kory in the House of

Delegates. Her steadfast commitment to supporting gun violence prevention legislation will save lives in


I am also proud to share that AmmoLand & the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) have awarded me the worst legislator in the Virginia House of Delegates for the expansion of gun rights with a low score of only 12%.  Thank you, AmmoLand & VCDL, for recognizing such a significant achievement!


Honesty, transparency, and openness in local and state government. 

I have never been an "establishment" Democrat, and have often charted my own path based upon my core values.  This is especially true concerning  my bills and work focused on honesty, transparency, and openness in local and state government.

In my first year as a Delegate I worked across the aisle to implement the immediate posting of votes taken in House and Senate Committees and Subcommittees.  After two years of resistance, the House finally began to post Committee votes online.  This was the first step in my ongoing fight for the openness and honesty in our government that we all deserve.

I have filed many bills that would (if passed) bring much sunlight into our elected governments. I have repeatedly testified before the Republican-dominated Virginia FOIA Advisory Council urging that all public meetings held by public officials allow audience questions and comments and that all public bodies must post a public participation policy.  These requirements should be part of our local and state government operations.  The FOIA Council did not agree.  My testimony did stimulate the evaluation and revision of FOIA regulations — a small step towards where we need to go.

I believe that openness and transparency should be the norm in the financing of all levels of campaigns.  Campaign finance reports should be easily accessible and audited as well.  I have supported VPAP for years in their work to bring sunshine into Virginia public office campaign financing.  I applaud VPAP, Richmond Sunlight, and the Virginia Coalition for Open Government (VCOG) for providing the transparency we need.  However, our elected governments at all levels should establish regulations mandating this type of transparency. 

I stand with my  friend Megan Rhyne, the editor of VCOG.  We believe that "[s]haring your views with your Board of Supervisors during the public comment period, testifying before a General Assembly Committee, and knowing where and how to obtain records under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act are cornerstones to our democracy."  

Community-Based Developmental Disability System

I have always been a fighter for people with developmental disabilities and their families. I am proud to be committed to the Arc Virginia Core Policy Platform to:


  • Fully Fund the  Developmental Disabilities Waiver Waitlist 

  • Increase Waiver Reimbursement Rates to address the existing workforce crisis in  Developmental Disabilities services 

  • Fully Invest in the  Developmental Disabilities system without disrupting the services of those already being served.


 The time has come for Virginia to Fully Invest in A Life Like Yours for all Virginians

Kaye's Success Defending our Families
Delegate Kory has been continually recognized for her work in the Virginia House of Delegates for standing strong for our families.

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